Your stack-able green

The origami vertical green wall creates an innovative and modern finishing to your living space. The flexibility of this product allows one to be creative with the placement of the pots, the colour mix and plant placement. Depending on the design intention and environment setting, artificial or real plants can be used on the origami vertical garden.

The pots are stackable and can be easily mounted to a wall. In the indoor area, the origami vertical garden can also be used as a divider to separate spaces. The pot also stores reserves of water.

Available in two colours; White& Anthracite.

Benefits of HyGro™Origami

origami pots benefits
Benefits of Hygro™Origami

Why a HyGro™Origami ?

Besides being at the cutting edge of design trend, the presence of a vertical garden can also be felt with the increase of urbanization and industrialization in our space today with benefits such as: