2021 x Vertical Green

With the year coming to an end, we can’t help but reflect on our favourite projects of 2021. From majestic live green walls to picture-perfect moss walls, from poolside artificial plant walls to dramatic pot installations, we have done all and more this year! Another year of transforming spaces to connect people to a greener, healthier and most importantly, happier environment. Without further ado, here is our 2021 Roundup

Jalan Daud Outdoor HyGro™Wall

Changi Business Park Outdoor HyGro™Wall

AMEX Tower Indoor HyGro™Wall

Serangoon Gardens Outdoor HyGro™Wall

Our ever-popular HyGro™Wall has been well-loved by many more this year. A residential estate saw a major addition to it of a 3-storey live green wall in Jalan Daud. Surely you’ve been to gardens by the bay, but have you seen our mini  Supertrees in Changi? With our most impressive attempt at an indoor live green wall yet, the AMEX tower Live Green Wall spans across 3 stories in a skyscraper in the central business district. Only wanting to decorate a small part of your house? No worries! A project in Serangoon Gardens shows how you can greenify and beautify any corner of your house.

Honeywell HyGro™Mat

Yishun Ave 4 HDB HyGro™Mat

Dunsfold Drive HyGro™Mat

Vibe Restaurant HyGro™Mat

Our low-maintenance yet highly customizable artificial green walls, HyGro™Mat, are perfect for both offices and homes, indoors or outdoors. A green and yellow combination at Honeywell was a perfect match to brighten up their office space. Residents at Yishun Ave 4 enjoy a pop of green in their home with zero-fuss. The HyGroMat at Dunsfold Drive doubles up as a lovely poolside attraction. The vibes at Vibe were elevated with this HyGroMat installation. Working with our designers to custom make their artificial plant wall, we were able to showcase their restaurant logo with artificial plants.

A*Star HyGro™Moss

Anchorvale Lane HyGro™Moss

NTUC Bras Basah HyGro™Moss

SAP HyGro™Moss

Our HyGro™Moss series was an office favourite this year. Consisting of artificial and preserved moss types, the combinations are endless. A*Star’s moss wall is the perfect amalgamation of a mix of preserved moss, artificial moss and artificial plants. Our HyGro™Moss was utilised for an art installation to match our client’s vision in Anchorvale Lane. NTUC’s moss wall is going for a more simplistic yet elegant look, with breaks in their moss panels. Standing at 9.8m long and 2.5m high, SAP’s moss wall is rightfully one of our favourites this year. With a mixture of preserved moss, artificial plants, elements of wood and stone, this moss wall is standing proudly on this list.

Matchaya HyGro™Pot

Bloomberg HyGro™Pot

Throw away your perception of potted plants and reimagine your space with our HyGro™Pot selection. Your HyGro™Pot can double up as the centrepiece of your space. Matchaya’s HyGro™Pot @JEM exemplifies the “green” in their specialty of matcha. If a big plant arrangement isn’t loud enough to your taste, you could always use dramatic lighting, just as Bloomberg did for their HyGro™Pot piece.

Le Meridien Hotel HyGro™Preserve

Ericcson HyGro™Preserve

Tessa Therapeutics HyGro™Preserve

HyGro™Preserve, an everlasting beauty of greenery, offers you an all natural beauty combined with durability of an inert object. Grown and harvested from greenhouses located in many fields from all over the world, bringing you many types of foliage. 

As the year comes to a close, we can’t wait to work with you again in 2022! Here’s to another great year, greening up your spaces! Feeling inspired and having the urge to re-decorate? Find out more about our products below and we hope to hear from you in 2022!

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