Exciting News From Vertical Green!

That’s right, we’ve crossed borders to set up shop in the beautiful and vibrant country of Malaysia. Our brand-new office is up and running, and we’ve assembled a dedicated team that’s eager to bring the lush and green Vertical Green experience to this corner of the world.

A Successful Archidex 2023!

Amidst the vibrant backdrop of Malaysia’s architectural and design landscape, our team had the incredible opportunity to connect with the largest community of industry professionals from around the world. The event proved to be an enormous success as we made remarkable contacts and forged invaluable partnerships!

Come Visit us at Archidex 2023!

The completion of the HyGroMoss project at the Hotel Lobby of Eko Cheras, HyGroWall Project at Gamuda Garden and HyGroMat project at Bangsar Shopping Centree presents a triumph of artistry and innovation in the realm of nature-inspired design In Malaysia.

May Magic: Unveiling Our Spectacular New Projects!

Discover the transformative power of greenery as we unveil our latest landscape projects completed in May. From enchanting green wall installations to captivating moss walls and the allure of artificial plants, these projects have redefined spaces with their natural charm and contemporary elegance.

Breakthrough in Interior Design Trend with HyGro™Moss

Our HyGro™Moss is a range of moss products designed to offer a unique and fuss-free greenery experience. The range consists of three types of moss products, including Naturally Preserved Moss, Artificial Moss, and Living Moss x Artificial Moss.

Elevate Your Space with HyGro™Tree: The Ultimate Customizable Artificial Trees

Thinking of adding a touch of natural beauty to your indoor or outdoor space without the hassle of maintaining real trees? Look no further than our latest product, HyGro™Tree. Our range of artificial trees has been carefully designed and curated by our in-house designers to offer maximum customization and beauty for any space.

Vertical Green, 2022 Recap!

We were busy bees in 2022! With the ease of Covid-19 restrictions, we were back in full force installing vertical wall in your spaces!

New Look for the New Year

Going back to your office of dying plants due to the circuit breaker movement measures? Let us take care of it! Vertical green plant replacement and maintenance services in Singapore.

The Future is Green

Be on trend with a Green office with Vertical Green! Green offices have been on the rise and have reached an all-time high this year! Keep up with the latest office décor. Choose between living plants for fresh air and ventilation to lift the vibes of your space or artificial plants for easy maintenance.

Emboss in Moss

Have your company logo stand out with HyGro™Moss! Opt for a refreshing use of moss logo signage for your office with HyGro™Moss!

Smart Hacks for your Green Home

Be it with living or artificial plants, there are a myriad of ways you can improve tiny bits of your home to be as pleasing as it can be!

2021 x Vertical Green

Have a look at a recap of a few of our favourite green wall and moss wall projects in 2021! Including preserves, pots and artificial plant walls as well!

VG @ SGF Hort Show 2021

VG has formulated the concept of Greentopia Pods, utilizing vertical greenery to showcase Climate, Ecological and Social Resilience as we navigate through the future of sustainable living.

Our Safety Protocol—measures taken during the pandemic

It’s beautifully obvious that green walls are aesthetically pleasing, and many would think that’s all they are good for.

In this blog post, we’d like to peel back the leaves and dive deep into other benefits of having a live green wall.

New HyGro™Felt — Lusher plants, consistent felt colour and even lesser mess

Our Research and development team is consistently revising and perfecting vertical green’s systems to bring you more reliable and beautiful green walls. Their latest breakthrough is HyGro™Felt II. It improves plant survivability significantly— the result is a thriving, luscious green wall. Lusher plants, even lesser mess and consistent felt colour.

Christmas ornament decoration on green wall office Singapore

More than just a Green Wall

We have all come a long way braving through this challenging year! To celebrate our resilience & this festive season, we take a look at how some of our green walls were being transformed into a Christmas tree.