Braun Büffel: One of Vertical Green’s Most Successful Stories 🌿

Embarking on an extraordinary venture, Vertical Green proudly presents Braun Büffel: A Marvel in Moss. In this unprecedented collaboration, we crafted a gravity-defying moss wall that redefines the boundaries of design. Braun Büffel’s space now stands as a testament to innovation, where lush greenery seemingly floats, defying gravity’s constraints. Our cutting-edge approach not only elevates aesthetics but also instills a sense of natural wonder.

1. The Vision Unveiled🌟:

Our journey began with a vision—a vision to transform Braun Büffel into a green oasis that seamlessly blends nature with modern design. Our team at Vertical Green worked tirelessly to craft a detailed plan that not only met the client’s expectations but exceeded them.

2. The Designing Phase🎨:

Detailed designing is the backbone of any successful project. In this phase, we meticulously planned every aspect of the green transformation. From selecting the perfect plant varieties to determining the ideal positioning of the green elements, our designers left no stone unturned.

Image A: Prototype 

3. Testing and Prototyping👨🏻‍🔧:

Ensuring the longevity and sustainability of our green installations is a top priority. Before taking our designs to Braun Buffel, our team engaged in rigorous testing and prototyping. We experimented with different materials and plant varieties to find the perfect combination for a vibrant and thriving green space.

4. Fabrication in the Factory🍃:

Once the designs were perfected, it was time to bring them to life. Our fabrication team worked tirelessly in the factory, crafting each element with precision and care. The attention to detail during this phase is what sets Vertical Green apart, ensuring that every piece aligns seamlessly with the overall vision.

Image B: Fabrication Process

5. On-site Installation🌱:

The most exciting part of the journey was seeing our vision come to life at Braun Büffel. Our installation team worked on-site, carefully placing each green element to create a harmonious and visually stunning environment. The transformation was nothing short of breathtaking.

6. Adding Extraordinary Elements👏🏻:

What makes Vertical Green truly stand out is our commitment to innovation. In addition to the lush greenery, we’ve introduced unique elements that elevate our work to new heights. From interactive moss walls to integrated technology, we’re redefining what a green space can be.

7. The Amazing Success❣️:

The Braun Büffel project has been a resounding success, not just in terms of aesthetics but also in creating a positive and energizing environment. The Moss Wall breathes life into the space, fostering a sense of well-being among employees and visitors alike.

At Vertical Green, we’re not just creating moss walls; we’re crafting immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression. The Braun Büffel project is a testament to our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the transformative power of nature.

Thank you for joining us on this interactive journey. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and green transformations from Vertical Green!

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