Breakthrough in Interior Design Trend with HyGro™Moss

Our HyGro™Moss is a range of moss products designed to offer a unique and fuss-free greenery experience. The range consists of three types of moss products, including Naturally Preserved Moss, Artificial Moss, and Living Moss x Artificial Moss.


four moss we use for Hygro™Moss

Naturally Preserved Moss is available in a wide spectrum of colors and is carefully hand-picked from the forests in Northern Europe. This moss is naturally preserved with only natural pigments used in the coloration process, making it a perfect choice for creating a modern living space with greenery. 

Benefits of Hygro™Moss

Artificial Moss is a handcrafted imitation of the natural moss found on the forest floor. It is molded and crafted to achieve the desired natural contours and provides a perfect alternative to real plants that would otherwise require regular care and attention.

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Living Moss x Artificial Moss is a unique range that combines the best of both worlds. It is an innovative and breakthrough design in the interior design trend, offering the natural look of living moss with the maintenance-free properties of artificial moss.

HyGro™Moss offers several benefits, including a wide range of colors, easy customization, and low maintenance. With no need for trimming, watering, or sunlight, it is the perfect solution for indoor spaces that lack natural light. It is also durable, pest-free, and maintenance-free, making it a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for interior designers.

Our HyGro™Moss is a great solution for those who want to incorporate greenery into their living spaces without the hassle of maintenance, offering endless possibilities for modern greenery living spaces.

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