Celebrating Christmas with VG

It’s that time of the year again, the time to put up decorations for some Christmas vibes and of course, to receive GIFTS!

This December, we are having a Christmas giveaway! Get a chance to win a prize worth up to $799, check out our Facebook to find out more!

VGMag™ is specially innovated for mounting greenery onto metallic surfaces. Looking at many home design in HDB flats, we have come to notice that many homeowners look for ways to hide away the built-in bomb shelters.

Now, you can green up the door that once stood in the way of your pursuit of a stylish home!

Concealing the unappealing door with a touch of greenery and in the above home, Ghim Moh Link, it ties in with style of the entire home. Choose from a range selection from simple artificial HyGroMat™ to a lush design curated by our in-house designer. These green panels allows anyone to easily put up greenery onto their bomb shelter door which cuts cost for manpower needed to install! Simply align, stick and that’s it!

Additionally , with Christmas around the corner, your green wall doubles as a Christmas tree, a whole wall of it! Making it a perfect backdrop for photo taking!

If you’re looking to green up a surface or space contact us today!

That’s it from us, wishing everyone a jolly holiday ahead!

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