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Celebrating the Journey of a Green Nation

Between 1986 and 2007, the green cover in Singapore grew from 36% to 47%.

In the 54 years since Singapore’s independence, we have rapidly transformed from slums to a beautiful garden city. Truly a feat for a small nation. And while “Green” may take on different connotation such as renewable energies, sustainability and lush environments. Today, we take a look on our progress in our environments.

Green Spaces

We are more of a green dot than a red dot, really. We get to enjoy many parks, gardens and nature reserve that adds up to over 4000 hectare(ha) as well as an increasing length of park connectors over the years. Still, on an island with limited land space, we are best known for our smart city planning solutions – particularly in our skyrise greenery standards!

Plans for 2030

In the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint, the target by 2030 is to achieve 200 ha of skyrise greenery. From 80 ha to 200 ha, that is a jump of 150%! That is why, at Vertical Green we have innovated a green wall system that is efficient and flexible so that it can be installed anywhere! Our green wall system – HyGro™Wall, has been widely used in indoors and outdoors conditions, ranging from residential to commercial to institutional clients.




People are happiest when they’re most connected to nature.

Chris Trott, Head of Sustainability at Foster and Partners

As we green up the city, we are also constantly undergoing research and development to further improve our systems to bring you a greener, healthier and happier environment.

Have a place you are thinking of greening up? Talk to us today!

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