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Most Beautiful Green Wall At Echelon

A High-Rise Green Wall Challenge

Echelon features sky gardens on levels 13 & 28 with vertical green gardens up to 10 metres high. In mid-2019, Echelon engaged VG for our maintenance service, the state of the green wall (Non-VG green wall system) was no longer in good condition 3 years after completion.  

After assessing the site condition and the green wall system, we identified several factors that were restricting the green wall to thrive. Some of the factors were insufficient lighting & overwatering. 

When the plants do not receive enough light, the plant’s stem becomes more lengthy in attempts to reach for light and leaves grow further apart, which creates an undesirable appearance – bare & scarce. Over-irrigation can cause the plant to “drown” as the plant’s roots are unable to receive enough oxygen to “breathe”. Plant’s roots will start to die and lose its vigour.

We re-introduced more suitable plants for the site’s condition, changed the irrigation system & added growth lights to tackle specific areas that do not receive sufficient light.

Echelon Condominium Green Wall Singapore
Echelon-Condominium Green Wall Singapore

Vertical Wall Specialists

“They provided us with a few options and suggested the best one that works for our green wall. Our irrigation system and the lighting improved and is more effective in keeping the plants alive. This addressed both our client handover and lighting cost issue.

Vertical Green was able to offer us a cheaper lighting option plus installation compared to other suppliers. They have the integrity to not overcharge when their client doesn’t know anything about plants, it was really unexpected. Overall, the whole process was smooth. “

“The initial problem we face with our green wall was that it’s not growing nor healthy despite the system working properly. I was trying my best to find the best supplier to help me salvage the green wall, because our clients refuse to takeover the project with dying plants. They (VG) responded promptly to me and is knowledgeable enough to advise me—I desperately needed the help, thankfully Madhu replied to me quickly and promised to expedite the process immediately."

Presently, Jassim (on the left) and Rabi (on the right), our committed team of gardeners, conduct regular maintenance for Echelon’s green walls several days each month.

Caring for your walls post-installation

Taking care of your green wall is key to keeping it lush and vibrant. Regular maintenance involves a bit of horticultural TLC, smart irrigation, and keeping a close eye on the overall health of your green haven.

First off, giving your green wall a good trim and prune is essential. Snip away any dead or overgrown bits to encourage new growth and maintain that tidy appearance. Besides looking neat, this also keeps the air flowing, reducing the risk of pests and diseases.

Watering is crucial. Making sure your green wall gets a consistent and adequate water supply keeps the plants happy. Modern irrigation systems with timers can make this job a breeze, tailoring the watering schedule to factors like the plant types, weather, and season.

Keeping an eye on your green wall is a must. Regular checks help spot any signs of trouble early on, whether it’s pests, diseases, or a nutrient shortfall. Catching these issues early allows for quick action to keep your greenery in top-notch condition.

Don’t forget to feed your green wall. Just like us, plants need their nutrients. Customised fertilisation plans based on what your plants crave ensure they grow beautifully. Regular soil tests also help adjust the feeding routine according to what your green buddies need.

Enlist professional help for a thorough green wall check-up. Regular visits by experienced horticulturists keep your green wall in prime shape. They’ll inspect the irrigation system, making sure it’s ticking along nicely, and make any necessary tweaks to keep your green haven flourishing.

In a nutshell, looking after your green wall involves a bit of gardening expertise, savvy irrigation, and a watchful eye. A well-rounded care plan doesn’t just keep things looking good – it ensures your green wall stays healthy and vibrant, creating a thriving display that stands the test of time.

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