Emboss in Moss

Riot Games HyGro™Moss Wall

Have your company logo stand out with HyGroMoss!

Step away from conventional structured signages of your logo and opt for a refreshing use of HyGro™Moss instead! Known for its versatility, there are countless possibilities on what you could create with HyGro™Moss. These go from simple makings of your logo to emphasizing characterisations of a core product you may offer. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites we have had the honour of doing up!

Booking.com HyGro™Moss Logo



Stick to the basics with a clean depiction of your logo. It’s straight to the point yet still manages to make a bold statement. You can utilise a single shade of green or you can have fun with swirls or other designs inside the logo itself!



Spice it up a little with inverted logos, making use of the space on your plain walls! With this technique, you can opt for busier designs of HyGro™Moss to make your logo really stand out from the wall behind. You can even adorn all 4 walls of a pillar to really establish your brand’s presence in the room.

Corteva HyGro™Moss Pillar

Tan Tock Seng Hospital HyGro™Moss Wall

Why stop at just the logo? You can go for a seamless design of HyGro™Moss from top to bottom. Using geometric designs for the moss below your logo makes way for an interesting take for a moss wall! 

Hospice 10 Hospital Blvd HyGro™Moss Artwork

Adidas HyGro™Moss Artwork


Want to make your brand logo a little less obvious? Depict characteristics of your company instead! Could you guess what mice ears and 3 stripes are suggesting? This is a powerful yet fun strategy to connect with your clients!

Odeon Panduit HyGro™Moss

Want to emphasize your message rather than your company name? You can express that with HyGro™Moss! Sometimes you can say more with words than a logo could. 

Deloitte HyGro™Moss




On a less serious note, you can use HyGro™Moss as location indicators! For example, it is an innovative way to direct people to outdoor areas such as The Lawn. You can also use it as a floor number indicator that gives your building a little more flair. 

Equinix HyGro™Moss

Wirama HyGro™Moss

ITS HyGro™Moss




Add pops of colour with our special colour HyGro™Moss selection! You can incorporate company colours easily into your design or you could just be having a little fun with the colours. 

Introduce your office to the endless combinations of HyGro™Moss, waiting here at your fingertips! Be it a simple logo design or an elaborate concoction of colours and design styles, HyGro™Moss makes for the perfect office installation! 

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