herbs and vegetables

Herbs & Vegetables for Wellness

At Vertical Green, we have always been driven by the wellness of people. Asking questions such as “what other areas of wellness can we provide for?” and to that, we say “Herbs & Vegetables!”

In our urban landscape, traditional farming has taken new forms and are being grown vertically to cope with limited land space. But even as you picture vertically grown herbs and vegetables, you are probably thinking of stacked pots.

Here, at Vertical Green, we do things a little differently.

1. HyGro™Wall – felt instead of pots

Growing edibles indoor is made possible & sustainable with special lights and felt system that allows for unrestricted root growth, what that means is that plants can get as big as they want! Having an auto-irrigation system and fertigation system to keeps the edibles hydrated and fertilised while keeping maintenance at the minimal.

2. No Soil!

Our herbs and vegetables are propagated straight from seeds by our local farmers. Grown in our specially formulated organic substrate, it ensures that the edibles are fully stabilised & pesticide-free before use. Plants that are fully stabilised are stronger and less prone to pest attack. On top of that, since the edibles are grown vertically in the soil-free substrate, it actually reduces the chance of pest attack !

So how does it look like on the green wall? Take a look at the growth of our edibles on our office green wall earlier in 2019.


Here’s how Vertical Green’s staff has been making use of the edibles since:

  • Aromatherapy – when the leaves of the herbs are bruised, they release fragrance that can be relaxing and refreshing to the mind. (Basil & Mint)
  • Adding herbs into beverages – mints adds a cooling and refreshing taste to your drinks. Basil is also a great additive to your infused water.
  • Adding to dishes – adding fresh parsley to soups and other dishes as garnishing enhances the flavor!
  • Food – lettuce & mustard leaf are added into our sandwiches for an extra crunch! One of our colleague also feeds her pet snail our lettuce!
These are just some of the many ways we use our edibles in the office. We have a wide variety of herbs and vegetables available for your selection! Not limited to photo below.
herbs and vegetables

If you already have a green wall, you can simply swop out a small section of your plants to herbs and vegetables of your choice! Or if you are thinking of having your own green wall, there are different ways you can incorporate these edibles.

Here are some examples:

Xpress Feeders Singapore

If you were in their office, at first glance the green wall might look like an ordinary one. But once you enter their pantry, you will realise that this is a double-sided green wall that features some herbs on the pantry side! They’ve incorporated some mints and rosemary on their green wall for staff to enjoy.

Criterion Condominium

Home owners at Criterion has opted for an artificial green wall with our origami pots to grow some edibles on their feature green wall. 

At Vertical Green, we listen to your ideas, needs and requirements and provide you customised solution that transforms your space to brings you a greener, healthier and happier environment! If you have an idea, talk to us today!

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