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How to Improve Ambience with Greenery, in Restaurants

Ever wondered how customers choose where to dine at or how to keep them coming back again and again? The secret is that it goes beyond just how good the food tastes, it’s about the full experience! The entire experience depends on other factors like service, comfort of the furnitures, music and the surrounding environment. When the ambient is right, the food tastes even better!

The addition of a green wall, elevates the atmosphere of the restaurant instantly! When done right, it becomes a beautiful and functional piece of art. Find out how 5 restaurants benefit from having greenery in their restaurant!

It can be inviting and help to bring in new customers! As seen below, Park HV restaurant features a lush wall of greens at the facade of their restaurant. It helps to block out the strong sunlight during the day while allowing natural light to seep in. This reduces the need for strong air conditioning to cool down the place and in turn, helps to save on energy costs!

A cafe often offers a sanctuary for the overworked, the creative, or anyone looking to unwind in a quiet place. A feature wall like below can help you achieve the tranquil look with just a small amount of space. Along with the natural light, it opens up space which makes the cafelook bigger than it really is. Green walls also offer more than looks, our system helps to absorb some sound waves too! That means, it helps to dampen noise and allows you to create the quiet and serene environment you want in a coffee shop.

At Banana Leaf Apolo at Parkway Parade, a vegetarian friendly restaurant features green wall on both ends of the outdoor dining strip. When night falls, the lighting helps to transform the outdoor area into a cosier and more intimate space. This can encourage more engaging conversations, adding on to diner’s experience.

Green Age Restaurant, another vegetarian friendly place. Instead of live plants, they have opted for a artificial green wall instead. Even though it may be artificial, it still conveys the message of the kind of food they serve. This can give diners a farm-to-table vibe and offers a view of their own!

Fusion Spoon, a restaurant that offers a wide variety of food convenient locations for park-goers; Botanic Gardens & Jurong Lake Garden. They bring in the greenery from the park to their restaurants! Since plants can also help to disguise any off-putting smells which means fresh air in the restaurants too! Sit close enough and you might get a chance to touch the wall, adorned with live plants!

A beautiful place will get more pictures taken! More pictures means more exposure and free marketing! Lastly, whether you’re trying to hide any unsightly pipes or views, our highly versatile and functional systems can definitely come to your aid!

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