Green Wall at Vertical Green using the new Hy™Gro Wall 5

HyGro™Wall V: A New Level of Biophilic Design

Looking to infuse a sense of calm and well-being into your workspace or home? Look no further than biophilic design – the incorporation of natural elements into indoor spaces.

And with our latest product, the HyGro™Wall V, you can easily bring the outdoors in and elevate your biophilic design game to a whole new level.


HyGro™Wall V

Green Wall at Vertical Green using the new Hy™Gro Wall 5
Vertical Green Office using Hy™Gro Wall V


The HyGro™Wall V is a prefabricated system that comes in 1mx1m felt boards, giving you enough space to add a variety of living plants to your indoor spaces. This innovative solution not only adds a touch of green to your environment but also offers the benefits of improved air quality, reduced stress levels, and increased productivity.


With the HyGro™Wall V the design can be easily customized to fit any indoor space. And with the fast and easy installation process, you can have your green wall up and running in no time.

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