Christmas ornament decoration on green wall office Singapore

More than just a Green Wall

We have all come a long way braving through this challenging year! To celebrate our resilience & this festive season, we take a look at how some of our green walls were being transformed into a Christmas tree.

City Development Limited

On top of the usual Christmas ornaments and gift boxes that are typically found around the Christmas tree, gifting can be done with QR Codes instead! CDL held a lucky draw in their office with prizes such as reusable utensils and a bottle in an effort to encourages one to lead a greener lifestyle!

The Coast @ Sentosa Cove

Dare we say, the magnitude of this display at The Coast is even comparable to those in Orchard!

We hope that everyone continues to be socially responsible, well & safe. Vertical Green wishes everyone a greener, healthier, happier Christmas & a happy new year!

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