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Napier Road

8 Napier underwent a replacement in system from its creeper wall to a green wall as the creeper wall slowly started to lose its lustre. The plants selected for the green wall consisted of plants that thrives in a semi-shade environment: philodendrons, schefflera green & schefflera variegated which. The philodendron was used to replicate the cascading effects of the original creeper wall. Selecting suitable plants is essential to keep the green wall cost effective in terms of installation & maintenance.

The reason why we made the switch is mainly for aesthetic reasons. Whenever it rains, the rainwater will run down the supporting structure for the creepers and cause it rust. The creepers also did not do so well over the years and struggled to grow so we wanted to replace it. It was when we came across the NParks (Skyrise greenery) incentive which was the pushed us for the switch as the government is paying $1 for every $1 we spend.

We chose Vertical Green as the sales representative, Liyin, was more proactive & responsive compared to others. VG was also able to provide design photos, drawings and a lot of information which made our makes our job easier a lot to present the case and proposal to the client (MCST).

The maintenance support, Tanbir, did a great job. Whenever we have any issues such as with the irrigation, we’ll call him and he responds, comes down to check and charges us accordingly which is fine with us. The gardener knows and is able to meet our expectations.

Site history & conditions:
Location: Drop off point of the condominium. An area that receives its residents & guests.
Area receives indirect sunlight from translucent shelter which makes the area a semi-shade environment, making it unsuitable for the creepers to thrive. Rainwater tend to collect and fall onto the planting area.

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