New Look for the New Year

With festive seasons just around the corner you might be looking to spruce up your work and living space to welcome colleagues, close friends, relatives or even a man in a red suit when they visit. What a better way to bring in the merriment than a vibrant green space!

If you need plant replacement or greenery maintenance services for green walls, potted plants, landscapes and green roofs, look no further than Vertical Green!

Your space could look like this!

Green Wall

For current clients, if you need some assistance with your green wall, our maintenance hotline is always open for you for any issues! We will advise you accordingly.

Filtration system
The water filtration system requires checking and cleaning, in order for clean water to be constantly provided for the plants.

Irrigation system
Irrigation plays a vital role in keeping your greenery growing well.  If the irrigation system happens to be faulty, the green wall will not be able to receive water supply, causing the green wall’s health to deteriorate.  Hence, checking of the irrigation system is necessary to ensure it functions properly, and for the plants to get the proper amount of water it needs.

For past clients with our green wall system but not under our green wall maintenance contract, we have upgraded our green walls and you might be interested to update the visuals of your Green Wall!

New felt features include:
  • Felt in Black – discreet backdrop for plants, gaps are less noticeable.
  • Wider Pockets – promotes healthier root growth as the root ball of plants are less compressed.

Being the leading supplier of green wall systems in Singapore, we have under our belt 14 years of experience installing and maintaining multiple green walls.

As a result, we have gained readily available access to plants that are best for green walls. On top of that, our experience also allows us to provide you with efficient green wall plants replacement rates & other services from commercial to residential projects.

Potted Plants

Our experiences also helps us in maintaining & taking care of various types of plants for many of our clients in Singapore. Plants in free-standing pots, planter boxes & built-in planter boxes. Having healthy plants can greatly improve the atmosphere and the environment of your space!


We provide a full range of landscape maintenance services for both commercial & residential clients. Maintenance services include grass cutting, shrubs trimming, tree pruning, fertilisation, pest control among many others. Regular maintenance also keeps flora healthy.

Trimming / Grass cutting
Healthy plants grow, and over time it will lose its tidy and manicured look.  Thus, regular trimming is required to keep the vertical garden neat. Similarly, landscapes would require grass cutting too to make it look well-groomed.

Besides trimming, pruning is fundamental. Pruning removes the dead/dying plants, in order to prevent seeing patches of yellow or brown leaves amidst the green foliage.

Below are the other landscaping maintenance services we provide:

As a specialist, we take pride in making sure your greenery looks its best at all times, so leave the plant worries to us. Talk to us today to find out how we can provide you with cost-effective & personalised greenery solutions.


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