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Landscape Design

General Landscape installation, landscape consultations, customized design solution, timber works, water feature, irrigation system. Roof gardens, themed garden for residential & commercial projects.

Sustainable Approach

With our extensive knowledge in landscaping, we design intently with all aspects in mind. Reducing the negative impact on the environment, health of occupants and cost of maintenance without compromising the bottom line.

Turn-key Solution

From design to construction to maintenance, for projects from the ground to the roof, our experience & expertise in these areas take away the stress of having to coordinate with multiple parties.

Integrated Solution

We carry a wide range of products that has undergone rigorous research & redevelopment to bring you solutions that are multi-functional and of the highest quality possible.

Types of rooftop greenery
Intensive Roofdesigned to be accessible to the public. It is often utilised as a communal rooftop space for recreational purposes. Compared to a simple green roof, the design and layout of a roof garden is more elaborate with the inclusion of pathways, lighting fixtures, and benches. 
Extensive Roof not designed for public access or recreational use, and access is strictly for periodic maintenance, thinner vegetation support layer.
Benefits of rooftop greenery
Increase Roof Life – A green roof protects the roofing material from external influences such as the sun, rain, wind and temperature fluctuations and doubles or triples the life span of the roof.
Cost Saving – reduced heat flux through the roof, hence requiring less energy for cooling which can lead to significant cost savings. 
Reduce Urban Heat Island Effect – the roof is cooled through transpiration from the plants and evaporation from the water collected in the drainage layer – transpiration, the same process when humans sweat to cool down!
Reduce and Slows Stormwater Runoff – the plants, substrate and drainage layer of a green roof delays stormwater runoff into sewage systems. This significantly lowers the risk of flash flood.
Increase Local Biodiversity – As undisturbed areas, rooftops can serve as new habitat for wildlife, mitigating the loss of habitat due to increasing urbanisation.
Improve Air Quality – The vegetation traps pollutants such as dust and other airborne particles and deposit onto solid surfaces – known as dry deposition, a natural process to removing pollutants from the atmosphere.
Types of Landscapes
General landscapesbasic & simple greenery plantation and hardscape selections.
Gardens a more elaborate plantation and hardscape implementation that is usually themed to give users a certain experience.
Benefits of Landscapes
Cooler Environment – Grass is much cooler than asphalt or cement.
Improved Air Quality – Vital role in capturing dust, smoke particles and airborne other pollutants.
Reduce Noise Pollution – the irregular surface of vegetations disperse sound waves and refract noise.

Improved wellness – greenery softens the hard surfaces from urbanisation which can reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Higher property value – when done well, it compliments the surrounding elements and elevates the aesthetics of a space.

Cost Saving – Strategic placement of trees can help reduce the energy required for cooling which can lead to a significant cost savings.