Smart Hacks for your Green Home

Be it with living or artificial plants, there are a myriad of ways you can improve tiny bits of your home to be as pleasing as it can be! Our HyGro™ products are highly adaptive to finding solutions for the different nooks and crannies for your home.

Sembawang Hills Drive Indoor HyGro™Wall

Sembawang Hills Drive Indoor HyGro™Wall

Want to display your green wall from all angles but find that most green walls are one-sided? Don’t fret! We understand your dilemma and we have managed a double-sided wall for you! Now you can have a 360° view of your luscious green wall.

Serangoon Gardens Dr Outdoor HyGro™Wall




Transform ordinary corners of your home to explosions of greenery. Even just splash of a green wall in your garden can make a difference in the liveliness of your home.

Duro Capital HyGro™Mat

Orchard Blvd HyGro™Mat

Take a new spin on shelves with the integration of HyGro™Mat. You can bring the outside into your library for a refreshing bookshelf display. You can also use HyGro™Mat as a backing for your shelves, making it perfect to display little knick knacks or prized possessions.

Hougang Ave 3 HyGro™Mat




Hate seeing pipings in your home? Why not hide them with creepers! Creepers dont just have to be hanging off a trellis or a ceiling, they can be functional yet aesthetically pleasing.



You can opt to line your kids’ study tables with HyGro™Mat to assist in nurturing their education. The colour green has long been theorised to aid concentration by improving focus and efficiency. Looking at green spaces provides little breaks to revitalise yourselves before jumping back into work. It also serves as a motivator as it helps to study in a beautiful, calming space. 

Upper Serangoon Rd HyGro™Mat

Bendemeer Rd HyGro™Mat

Re-imagine the centerpiece of your dining room with creepers. Not a fan of chandeliers? Find a green solution to brighten up the place. Perfect for nature lovers that want bits of green around their house!

Hospice 10 Hospital Blvd HyGro™Moss

Discover a new way to express your adoration for your favourite characters! Are your kids fans of certain cartoon characters? Instead of plastering the characters’ faces around your house, you can opt for a more understated yet very interesting take on house décor! Enjoyable by both adults and children.




Fill in the gaps of your overhead lights with HyGroMoss! Upgrade your unsightly light fixtures to unique ones with moss instead!

Pasir Panjang Mapletree Business Park HyGro™Moss

Anchorvale Lane HyGro™Moss

Have yourself a unique talk-piece for your home! Swap out conventional paintings for a moss artwork. You can even replace TV sets with this moss centerpiece for your home to stimulate active conversation.

Rosyth Terrace HyGro™Turf




Want to have some trees in your deck without the fuss of having to tend to the grass in your garden? With HyGro™Turf, you can! Keep the trees in your garden and enjoy the low maintenance that comes with turf!




Even with turf in your backyard, you can have your own garden via the use of pots. Pleasing on the eyes and safe for children and pets to run, play and lay on comfortably!

Rosyth Terrace HyGro™Turf

As the year comes to a close, we can’t wait to work with you again in 2022! Here’s to another great year, greening up your spaces! Feeling inspired and having the urge to re-decorate? Find out more about our products below and we hope to hear from you in 2022! Transform your home into the best version it can be! Engage with our design consultation services to get the perfect product to complement your home! After all, the best home is the one you never want to leaf.

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