The Future is Green

Alexandra View HyGro™Pot & HyGro™Moss

Be on trend with a Green office with Vertical Green!

Green offices have been on the rise and have reached an all-time high this year! Keep up with the latest office décor. Choose between living plants for fresh air and ventilation to lift the vibes of your space or artificial plants for easy maintenance. There are endless avenues to green up every corner of your office.

You can easily adapt our HyGro™ products to beautify various spots in your office! You’re probably thinking where to start? Here’s some rising trends we have observed that top offices in Singapore have been employing to green up their space!


AMEX HyGro™Wall

Bombardier HyGro™Wall

Our ever popular HyGro™Wall is the biggest statement you can make in the office. Classics dont have to be messed with. Whether it be 8 HyGro™Walls, like Bombardier, or the majestic 3-storey Amex wall, you’ll be sure to impress!

L’Oreal HyGro™Wall

MMC HyGro™Pot

MMC HyGro™Pot



HyGro™Pots! The office staple. Perfect for every spot in the office due to its high flexibility. The latest trend in offices has been quirky pot structures! You can hang them from the ceiling, giving off a whimsical vibe. Or you can opt for a unique pot structure to get all you can out of your space!

Orchard Rd HyGro™Mat

The office favourite, HyGro™Mat! Easily maintained and looks great. Ideal for shop counters, reception desks and behind bars. Sure to catch the eyes of everyone that walks in!

1st Aid HyGro™Mat

The highly customizable HyGro™Mat gives way to unlimited design possibilities. Create your very own green display, complete with artificial plants from our wide selection to make your design truly one-of-a-kind!

Tan Tock Seng Hospital HyGro™Moss HyGro™Moss

Embellish your company logo in moss! The most noticeable new green office decor has been the mossification of company logos! Step away from conventional structured signages of your logo and opt for HyGroMoss instead! Known for its versality and various shades, there are countless possibilities on what you can create.

Omakase HyGro™Tree

Looking for a breath-taking centrepiece? Opt for our new HyGro™Tree line! Choose from a vast selection of artificial trees that emulate eternal beauty and freshness. With varying heights and tree types, find the right tree that encapsulates the vibe of your space!

Transform your office into one of the green offices of today! Engage with our design consultation services to get the perfect products to greenify your office! 

Take a look at our products for your green office below.

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