HyGroMat™ Greenage Restaurant, Singapore

Throughout all these years, we have done many commercial, residential and even institution projects. Each project may have their differences and distinct requirements but there is one common concern — drilling. When clients are looking to install our HyGroMat™ or HyGroMoss™. everyone wants an alternative to the drilling method. Perhaps its the noise, the mess or you simply do not want a hole in your structure. We understand that drilling may not be favoured.

Even when you don’t mind the noise, often times, restrictions are put in place because there are electrical wires or pipes behind the unsuspecting wall. So, let’s not get ourselves into trouble.

But does that mean you have to give up on your grand green plan?

Well we think that

“When there’s a will, there’s a way!”

We’ve formulated a solution and here it is!

Introducing our VGBond™

Relieving you from the drilling issues.

Mess-free, easy and quick to install and no more noise!

This non-invasive installation solution is available for our HyGroMat™ & HyGroMoss™.

Our bonding agent is suitable on any smooth surface such as glass, concrete and laminated finishes.

Get creative, with VGBond™

Here’s a HyGroMat™ installed drill-less! It is as durable as it is when drilled.

Balcony of 84 Saint Patrick’s Road

Not sure if the surface you want to green up is suitable? Give us a call!

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