🌻🌻 Yeah it looks great but… What else is good about a green wall?

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It’s beautifully obvious that green walls are aesthetically pleasing, and many would think that’s all they are good for. In this blog post, we’d like to peel back the leaves and dive deep into other benefits of having a live green wall. As what Maslow’s hierarchy of needs reflects, the basic necessities we should allow ourselves to have, are physiological ones. This includes clean air and a healthy space

Telok Blangah HDB Indoor HyGro™Wall Tank


Besides all the typical benefits you hear from the internet like plants having the ability to reduce stress, boosts productivity and sharpen your attention at home or workplace, they actually play a vital role in maintaining a comfortable environment to be in for long periods. 

Plants like PorthosPeace lily and Money plant is renowned for their ability to remove chemicals and other pollutants from our air and are listed as NASA’S recommended air-purifying plants. You may have learned that too much CO2 can affect the environment. However, scientists have found too much CO2 can likewise affect people indoors. When a room has a lot of people and poor ventilation, the concentration of CO2 may get too high. 

Having a green wall in enclosed spaces is not only space-saving, it also expels excess CO2, leaving you with clean and crisp air throughout your 9 to 5 shifts.


“I would love
to work on my balcony,
but it’s just too hot!”

Sadly the heat problem in Singapore is an everyday ordeal, working or staying outdoors can be unbearable for most of us, some can even call it ‘siao‘. But it is not impossible! Having an abundance of greenery on your patio and backyard can reduce the temperature of your

outdoor space whilst providing shade. (especially vertical green walls) Plants can help remove the pollutants in the air from passing traffic, dampen sound, retain moisture in the air and provide healthy greens if you choose to cultivate edibles. (why not? The sun is free and relentless anyway)

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