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Echelon Condominium, Paradise of Green & Blue

features sky gardens on levels 13 & 28 with vertical green gardens up to 10 metres high.

In mid-2019, Echelon engaged VG for our maintenance service, the state of the green wall (Non-VG green wall system) was no longer in good condition 3 years after completion.

After assessing the site condition and the green wall system, we identified several factors that were restricting the green wall to thrive. Some of the factors were insufficient lighting & overwatering.

When the plants do not receive enough light, the plant’s stem becomes more lengthy in attempts to reach for light and leaves grows further apart, which creates an undesirable appearance – bare & scarce. Over-irrigation can cause the plant to “drown” as the plant’s roots are unable to receive enough oxygen to “breathe”. Plant’s roots will start to die and lose its vigour.

We re-introduced more suitable plants for the site’s condition, changed the irrigation system & added growth lights to tackle specific areas that do not receive sufficient light.

Our dedicated team of gardeners, Jassim(left) & Rabi(right), does maintenance for the green walls a few days each month.

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